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Healthy choices to improve employee travel in your company



When it comes to employee travel, keeping costs under control while keeping employees satisfied can be a real challenge. But you should never neglect the needs of your specialists - it is harder and harder to find and keep talents close as competitors are always hunting for good people. The happiness and satisfaction of your travelling employees is in your hands. See what measures you can take and what choices you have in order to improve employee travel in your company.

Travel schedules

In order to maximize the results and satisfaction of your employees during a business trip, you should focus on defining a travel schedule that is traveler-friendly. By focusing only on keeping travel expenses as low as possible, you will book the cheapest flights. This is certainly good for your company's budget on the short term, but it negatively affects the quality of employee travel on the long term. Waking up early or staying up late at night to catch a flight, spending a lot of time in an airport and wasting time in transit can be very tiring for your employees, with direct negative impact on their performance.


What you can do is be more flexible in your travel policy and facilitate travel schedules that are reasonable for all your traveling employees, especially those that travel frequently. Booking flights and accommodation in advance and being flexible with the alternatives are some of the measures that can help you maintain costs as low as possible while ensuring the best quality for employee travel conditions.

Promoting healthy habits for road warriors

The well-being of the travelling employee also depends on their habits during business trips. You cannot control the decisions they make, but you can encourage making the right ones for their own health. Think about the daily allowance that you give your employees - it might be enough for a quick meal, but that fast food is certainly not good for their health. Be sure that they can afford to eat a nutritious meal and that they can enjoy their food in peace.

Besides food, physical well-being is another subject to consider. If your employees travel a lot and for a long time time, make sure that they have all the comfort they need to arrive at their destination relaxed - you might want to reconsider economy class seats for long-haul flights, for example.

Another thing you could trial is exercise gamification - encouraging your travelling employees to go to the gym or do some kind of exercise during their business trip. Why? Because they should not forget about the need to stay in shape even though they are away doing business for your company. A couple of minutes of exercise will increase their level of energy and motivation. Physical exercise has a positive impact on our minds as well as our bodies.

We know that you want to increase cost control on travel expenses in your organization, but you should also focus on the needs of your travelling employees in order to get the most out of their business trips. An automated expense management tool is essential in achieving your goals. It can help you focus more on what is important and is the tool that keeps both expenses under control and travelling employees happy.


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