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How OCR makes MobileXpense the best expense manager app



Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is definitely changing the way companies around the world manage travel expenses. OCR capabilities are what makes MobileXpense the best expense manager app on the market. We invite you to discover below the main features and benefits of using our solution.

By the end of this article, you will understand why manually managing travel receipts is synonymous with frustration, a waste of time and money, exposure to risks and the list can go on.

The features you get thanks to OCR technology

User friendly interface

MobileXpense has a user friendly interface that makes the app easy to use and helps employees embrace it. It is easy to understand and employees learn to use it instantly. Employees enjoy the fact that OCR technology saves them a lot of time and energy as they can scan, store and sort their receipts quickly. The rest of their time is used to focus on the main purpose of their trip: doing successful business.

24/7 access to all your documents

The MobileXpense app allows you to access your data and documents anytime, anywhere. You can forget about the days when it was a struggle to find that one receipt in the pile of documents lying on your desk. Or about the stress caused by not knowing the exact travel costs generated by your travelling employees in the last month when only a few of them submitted their expense report. Having permanent access to your documents is one of the most important benefits of a mobile expense management app.

Identifying and capturing important data

Thanks to OCR technology, our mobile app is able to automatically identify the fields that are most important for your records: date, supplier, gross amount, city and VAT. It works as a verification tool because the app can compare the information read by the OCR with the information submitted by the users. Accurately capturing this data better prepares you for an audit.

Secure transfer and storage

The mobile expense manager app developed by MobileXpense guarantees the security of the data you transfer and store. The financial documents and records of your company will always remain private and we can ensure special storage protocols or verified access features if your company requires custom developments. If you have activities in Europe, we ensure GDPR compliance for the data collected via the MobileXpense app.

The benefits of using OCR technology

Employee efficiency

OCR means time and energy saved, but also increased efficiency among your travelling employees. Having to process a large pile of receipts can be very tiring for your travellers and travel managers, but as you start using an OCR solution, your team will be able to complete tasks faster, with more precision and accuracy, generating a decrease in operational costs.

Improved expense reporting

OCR technology allows your employees to scan their receipts in real time while traveling. This eliminates fraudulent practices and human error and you can be sure that the submitted expense reports are correct. If not, suspicious activity will be made easily identifiable, immediately.

Prepared for audits

Knowing that all your travel expense data is correct, you will spend less time generating reports and more time finding the best solutions to bring you consistent savings.

Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we simplify the tasks of your employees. All the features included in the MobileXpense expense manager app will help you eliminate manual work and generate the results you want to see in your travel expense reports.


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