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Integrating your travel management system with your HR processes and solutions



You can create more efficiency and productivity in your organization by integrating your travel management system with your HR processes and solutions. You know your HR department has its hands full with administrative work which can influence your employees' experience, so you will want to help your HR team ensure that your employees are happy.

When reimbursement is delayed by the manual financial and HR processes involved in business travel, your employees will become more and more frustrated and dissatisfied. To avoid this, you can look into integrating your travel management system with your HR software solutions.

Using a mobile expense tracking solution

Why wait until your return to the office to submit your claims when this can be done in an instant with a mobile app that scans the paper receipts and converts them into a digital format? Everybody loves flexibility and your employees will be more than happy to have such a user-friendly solution available, allowing them to submit their receipts and get their managers' approval in real time. For the HR department, this means that reimbursement claims can be approved immediately and paid out sooner. This is especially true when the automated solution is integrated with your corporate travel policy and compliance is verified instantly.

Reimbursing employees on time

One of the biggest problems with travel expenses occurs when reimbursements are delayed. Who's fault is it? It might be the fact that employees postpone submitting their claims until they are back in the office or until someone from the travel / financial / HR department reminds them. Or it might be the fact that your HR team has to go through all the expense reports manually, which is a lot of work.

When expense management is automated, the reimbursement process becomes easier and employees get their money back faster, which translates into increased satisfaction regarding the entire travel experience. And HR departments want their employees to remain happy and motivated in order to maintain high performance.

Automating processes that are currently done manually

Your travel and expense management system can be integrated with your HR software solution such as HRM modules. This means that your HR department will say goodbye to the manual processes involving paperwork, repetitive tasks such as data entry and a lot of time and energy spent carefully managing records. All this manual work can lead to a lot of human errors, which affect reimbursement. But if you integrate T&E management solutions with your HR systems, all this trouble becomes a thing of the past.

Increasing payroll efficiency

As reimbursements are a part of the HR or payroll departments' tasks, integrating your travel management solution with your HR solutions will help your organization improve payroll efficiency. Thanks to the data collected by the automated solutions and the analytical reports it generates, your payroll department can now look for trends or patterns in your employees' behaviour. This will allow your people to make better decisions regarding the expenditures that should maybe be included in the organization's salary packages.


Statistics show that over 70% of employees are more likely to start looking for a new job if their current employer constantly fails to reimburse them on time. This means that it is crucial to look for solutions that avoid these situations. Improving processes and looking for a travel management solution that can be integrated with your HR software are important steps towards increasing the efficiency and productivity of your teams.

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