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Top benefits of using a mobile expense tracker app



Automation and cloud technology are changing the way companies do business and an expense tracker app should be a part of your essential tools if your employees are frequently travelling for business purposes.

By combining cloud technology and smartphone apps, developers are able to unlock a series of benefits for you and your employees. A mobile expense tracking app will have a hugely positive impact on the way you manage travel expenses and the savings that your company makes. Let's dive in to some of the most important benefits your company and employees will experience by using a mobile expense tracker app.

Employees can submit expenses on the road

Nobody likes paperwork and travelling employees despise it even more as they have better things to focus on, like preparing a presentation for the client they are meeting or analyzing the outcome of their meeting. Submitting expenses on the go means that your employees no longer have to wait until they return to the office to do it which helps them eliminate errors and focus on more important tasks instead of spending minutes or even hours submitting expenses from their business trip.

Employees have access anywhere, anytime

A mobile expense tracking app combined with a cloud-based database means that employees can access, submit and approve expense reports while away. All they need is access to a stable internet connection. You need workforce mobility and you need to replace paper-based expense submission with a digital, mobile solution if you want to be efficient in managing travel expenses. Flexibility is key and expense tracking apps help you increase flexibility on the go.

Employees do not have to worry about data loss

Travelling away from the office or even travelling abroad can be very overwhelming for your employees. Paying attention to every detail of their journey can be very tiring, so the risk of losing or damaging receipts is increased during business trips. Having a mobile app that allows them to scan receipts in real time means no more data loss. All the data they need to be reimbursed is safe, backed up in the cloud.

Employees receive real time approval and notifications

Employees may need guidance during their business travels, but not want to bother your travel or finance team with questions relating to acceptable expenses.With a mobile expense tracking app, you can enforce your corporate travel policy by automating approval processes and sending notifications when employees try to enter receipts that are not compliant. This way you can influence their behaviour and keep track of activities that might seem suspicious.

Employees are more aware of their spending

Paper-based processes do not allow your employees to see where they are spending more or how compliant their expenses are. With a mobile expense tracking app, a digital database and a corporate policy integrated with the automated expense management solution, employees will be more aware of the expenses they can and cannot submit and will pay more attention to the travel policy.

Corporate travel policy compliance and savings increase

When you switch from paper / manual expense processes to mobile expense management solutions, you will gain more control over the employees' behaviour and you will be able to increase savings for each trip and employee. And when we say savings, we are referring to the money and the time your company and your employees will save by using a mobile app.

As most of your employees are familiar with smartphones and mobile applications, a mobile expense tracking app will be easy to use and improve their experience while travelling, increasing the overall satisfaction regarding their job. For your organization, the benefits are clear: more opportunities to save money, more expense control, increased compliance with travel policy and more flexibility.


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